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  • Hey guys, I need to find out if you can do this:

    Basically, I want my layout AND my window size set in Construct 2 to fit the window size of the browser. I also want objects in the layout to scale relative to their position in the editor.

    Basically, I am trying to create a game interface where there are buttons on the side like a toolbar. I want this "HUD" layer in my layout to resize to fit the browse window, along with the Window Size property of the project. I want it to work in a similar way to Spotify Web Player or Google's Gmail interface.

    Is this possible to do? And could someone give me a pointer as to how to do it?

    P.S: I think I saw this somewhere before, but i just want to clarify: Can you remove the grey border around the project?

  • Did you try the Option "Fullscreen in browser :" for different values?

    EDIt: it is on the project proprities

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  • Aphrodite Thank you so much :) I though I looked everywhere, but I obviously didn't look hard enough :P Thank you!

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