How do I resize the the viewalbe playscreen

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  • I'm new to this, so I'll probably post multiple questions on here to avoid from spamming the forum with threads. XD

    How do I resize the viewable playingfield? (I'd like to make it wider.)

  • Select the project itself. Change Window Size. This is separate from the Layout's Layout Size.

  • New question..Is there any way I can give these monsters abit more control over their direction? I have them as a bullet movement, so the only time they can turn toward the player is when they go off-screen, making the game way too easy. Can I make them turn while their on screen, so it can be more challenging?

  • hmm maybe you can use system every tick --> set angel to player

    but if the monsters are too fast make them destroy after some seconds or make them too slow and they move to player like zombies it will be cool

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  • Thanks, that worked as I wanted it to.. I

    So, now I want to have walls that my player and monsters cant pass, but a bullet still can.. I thought I may be able to set the heights to do this.(Player:1,Wall:< or = 2, Bullet:3, Monster:< or = 3.) It worked fine for the player and bullets, but the monsters are still able to walk through the walls. Any ideas?

  • hmm i think this easy but before i'd say anything check this out maybe you will like it :

    so the way is put solid behavior on walls, put 8 dircetion or platform on player. and on monster put bullet behavior and change properties to bounce (yes) in properties bar.. see this capx same what you want i think :P

  • I've already done the tutorial, im using that as a reference every 30 seconds..XD

    One simple thing I can't find is make new layout button.. I read that's how I can go about making another level, I just can't find the button.

    Also, is there a way for me to limit the bullets from the gun.. I have it so that you can hold the mouse, but even with the clicking the player can attack insanely fast. Is there a way for me to slow down the firing time?

    And lastly, for this post anyways :), Can I make a simple shop, for now, to restore the players health?

    Sorry I have so many questions, it's in my nature. :P

  • ok as your natural you gonna ask more and more :P just keep the good work ^^

    see about bullets time in the event that you made (mouse button clicked) put another condition (system compare two values) in this put this: bullet.count less than 2 or 3 or whatever you want so the player will shoot this 2 or 3 and when they destroy you will add more so put the behavior that if bullet outside it destroy so you can spawn more.

    or you can put this :

    <img src="" border="0" />

    about the shop i didn't understand what you mean but you can make a global variable for player health and when player collide with heart for example it will add 1 to global variable something like this.

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