How do I no resize resolution screen android

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  • Hello, I make a android game, i've a problem. When I build my project with intel xdk and i clicked in text box, android keyboard in top and change my resolution screen. Whereas in test app by wifi with intel xdk, no problem.

    I build a "cordova" game with construct r212.2 and i build "crosswalk for android". My screen resolution is 1080*1940.

    I think it's project properties or layout properties problems, but what?

    Thanks for your answers and sorry for my bad english.

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  • That's a big resolution as for C2 Crosswalk export .

    Regarding the problem. You have to implement something like:


    Browser -> Is not fullscreen AND TextBox -> On clicked


    Browser -> Request fullscreen - Stretch (scale outer)

    (adjust screen position)

    For some reason even if you set fullscreen in C2 and Intel XDK it still treats it as not - hmm - fully fullscreened? It is strange, I had the same problem and manipulating fullscreen setting helped me.

  • Ok, thanks for your answer, i test this !!

  • Hello, sorry i work in facebook pc version and now i return to android version. So for fixe problem, exact BackendFreak, i check fullscreen option in intel xdk.

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