How do I resize down an entire project (and images)?

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  • Hi guys, I've created an interactive book using 2048x1536px and now it has 30mb. Some images are 24bits PNG. So, some of them are at least 1mb.

    Now I want to export it to mobile and I know there will be problems with android (more than 30mb projects). My main goal is to reduce img sizes for my project to be smaller.

    I've tested it with cocoonJs and Fps runs fine after it loads. I think if I reduce them all to 1024x768 It would be fine. Problem is to make all of them reduce size without having to re-construct all of the project.

    Should I save it as a project, and resize the imgs using somekind of batch? or Is there an easier method? What about the new beta and new img system? Can it help me out?

    Thanks in advance

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