Reset sprite after "load image from url"

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  • Hello !

    1) I've a sprite named Sprite1 with a default image on him.

    2) I load an image with "load image from url".

    3) I restart the layout because i'm leaving the room and want to go in another one.

    4) The sprite image is still the last one loaded from the url, not the default one.

    How do I reset sprite after loading an image from url ?

    Should I use animation frame ?

    Thanks !

    Edit :

    I tried with animation frame :

    On start of layout -> Sprite1 -> set animation frame to 0 (default frame)

    On action -> Sprite 1 -> set animation frame to 1

              -> Sprite 1 -> load image from url (Keep Current Size)

    It was a good idea, it worked on the first "on action", but after restarting the layout and relauching "on action" the sprite is resized to a very small sprite (like 8*8 or 16*16) ... So it didn't work.

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  • Well, I reported this bug of sprite size, but i'm still waiting for ideas and advices !

  • On Image URL loaded > Set scale to 1 ?

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