Reset sprite to origin after drop?

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  • I am attempting to have an object reset to it's origin after it is dropped. My plan is to have a grid of sprites, each one Drag and Drop enabled. When any of the objects are dragged onto a "Hot Zone" and pop-up animation happens. There will be two different Hot Zones" on the screen each with a different animation and would like the sprite reset so users can go back and try the other option. I have successfully created a scene with one of these zones and added an action that returned the sprite to its origin with the "Set Position" action. The sprite does indeed return to its origina with this setup hoever it can no longer be dragged and dropped to any other place on the screen afterwards. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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  • It does sound like it's setting the position unconditionally, meaning it will Set Position every tick.

    Create an instance variable "reset" and when this is true, Set Position. Then set it to false afterwards.

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