How do I reset the sine Angle?

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  • Hi.

    I use the angular sine behaviour to make some of my objects look like they wood walk. If they arrive the path I deactivate the sine movement and have to set the angle of the object to 0, because otherwise it won't be on a correct angle. If it then moves again I reactivate the sine movement. But this time it will get out of step and it does look weird.

    Before this issue I did not set the angle to 0 and the objects keeped slightly skew. But the sine movement kept looking correct all the time. So the issue has to be with the angle modification. How can I reset the sine angle? I think it safes where its angle was before and if I change this angle manually it will not look correct anymore.


  • Not sure if you can (hope I am wrong)

    Maybe you could add two sine behaviours - use one to go in and the other identical copy on the way out (not tested). Hope you don't need to go back and forth

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  • I have an idea. I could safe the last angle, before I set the angle to 0°, in a variable and before I start the sine behaviour again set it to this angle. But this is dumb.

    Maybe anyone has a solution for this.

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