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  • Hi!

    I have a mario-like platformer and the player can collect coins from levels. I solved the problem of the coins re-spawning after entering rooms (other layouts) by giving the coins the persist behavior. But now I can't figure out how I can reset the coin positions after game over.

    In other words, how do I force items that have persist behavior to reset?

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  • If you've placed them manually in the level, won't they reappear where you placed them?

  • Yes I have placed them manually.

    They won't reappear because of the persistent behaviour. This is what I want when the player visits other layouts like shops, because the collected coins should not re-spawn simply after the player has visited a shop. But when I try to restart the layout from the Game Over screen (also resetting all global variables at the same time) the coins that the player collected are still gone. I would like to have the collected coins re-appear if the player restarts the game at the game over -screen.

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