How do I reset pathfinding?

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  • I have pathfinding for a particular sprite.

    I'm using it to get a "slide in/slide out" effect from behind an object.

    I can get it to slide left and then right no problem.

    What I can't do is to get it to stop correctly after it slides back to the right.

    what I'm trying to do is get it to go left,wait then go right and stop and then after a trigger, do it again.

    It will not do it after it does it one time.

    I have multiple issues:

    It acts like it wants to keep moving. It doesn't really "end"

    I'm using to invisible objects as pathfinding points so it is suppose to go left to the first point, wait a few seconds and then go left to the other invisible pathfinding point. The sprite is just to the right of the second invisible object.

    I've tried different pathfinding commands but the only one that works is disable.


    It seems to want to go past the invisible objects a little bit instead of just stopping at them.

    I've tried placing the origin points at different locations on the invisible objects but it still does it.

    I've tried setting up another invisible object and setting collision to it but that doesn't work either.

    I have used the forward command to have the sprite go to the first pathfinding point then choose forward to move it back to it's original spot. This works but it does not give me the sliding back effect.

    Here is a small graphic if it helps

  • I think you should look at the LiteTween behavior for what you are trying to do. If I'm right it's just a position interpolation ?

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  • Haven't tried litetween yet..thanks

    I did find a behavioral plugin called "moveto" that runs pretty smoothly but I still can't get it to reset..

    I'm sure I can work that out.

  • Well if you provide me the capx with some instructions I can show you the litetween behavior.

  • thanks joskin but I think "moveto" has the ease and functions I need. If not, I will get in tough with you.

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