How do I reset object spawn timers on layour restart?

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  • i have set my game to:

    System_Every (5) seconds - System_CreateObject (Data) on layer 0 at (random(224, 640) , random(96, 348) )

    The problem is, when i die, i have made a retry button, it restarts the layout, but... let's say it will take 5 more seconds untill the next data appears, i die after 2 seconds, and retry, but this time the data only takes 3 seconds to spawn.

    So the timer doesnt restart, this is a big problem since i have also made it to spawn a spawner every 25 seconds, and that could fu*k up the player if it spawns instantly

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  • System every x seconds starts counting from the start of the app..

    As resetting the start of the app isn't possible, you could for example add a wait-period at the start of layout before activating the event..

    Another way would be to use timer behaviour instead of the every x seconds, or just add 1 to a global variable (which you can reset before restarting) every second and have the actions performed when variable%5 = 0..

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