Reset layout and Music problem - plays 2 on reset

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  • Here is my general set up for educational games. Since there are several games on a page, I have an intro screen with a start button.

    The start button moves out the intro screen and start playing the game music.

    In the game I have a Music button that toggles the music on or off with a click event or a Keyboard (M) event.

    When we use the reset button, though I stop the sounds, it is not killed. so when I start the game again I have the first music playing again and the new music starting to play, overlapping each others.

    Is there a way to actually kill the music on the reset button or should I start the music and set toogle to silent right away so it will always be the same music instance playing?

    Note: I cannot start the music on load otherwise when more than one game is on the page, they would all start playing their own music.

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  • Never mind. I just needed to stop all sound before restarting the layout.

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