How do I Reset Fade Behavior

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  • Hello, let me set up the situation. I have an object with fade behavior settings preset as follows: Fade-In Time 2.5 sec, Wait = 0, and Fade-Out time set to 0, not active at start, and no to destroy on end. Now, it performs as set when the "start fade" action runs. Now, according to the manual, if the Wait and/or Fade Out is set to 0, it is supposed to ignore those stages (and I'm assuming it should then read: "stage = done" after the Fade-In. But, instead, I'm noticing that the Object will, from then on, be stuck in the "fade-out" stage. If I later change the fade settings to something like: Fade-in 0 secs, Wait = 0, and Fade-Out = 2.5, (with no "start fade" action) it immediately runs the Fade-Out cycle after the changes. Is this a bug? I've tried various things like: event: on fade-in finished: set all the fade settings mentioned above. It still will immediately fade out, even though no new "start fade" action has been given.

    Any ideas, other than writing out a bunch of events without the fade behavior in order to manually do the fades properly?

  • No ideas...anyone?

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  • Use LiteTween instead. It's useful for tons of things.

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