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  • Hi,

    I have event sheet that is included in the event sheet of multiple layouts.

    In that event sheet i have a for X seconds loop that spawns an object.

    Lets say the loop is for 10 seconds.

    If I move from layout1 to layout2 after 5 seconds

    then after another 5 seconds an object will be spawned on layout2.

    How can I reset it so it will be after 10 seconds again?



    just thought about something.

    does C2 create a timer for this condition?

    or is there a global game counter and it uses it?

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  • I think it uses the global time of the game yeah.

    so you would need to use a global Variable timer

    and in your included event sheet

    Gobal number timer = 0
    +System: On start of Layout
      -> System: set timer to 0
    +System: Every tick
      -> System: add dt to timer
    +System: timer >= 5
      -> System: Create Sprite
      -> System: set timer to 0
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