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  • I've searched for help on this but nothing I've seen works. I was under the impression that everytime a layout is called the 'on start of layout' event is executed? The problem is it doesn't seem to be.

    I've included the cap to my game, it's a simple Asteroids clone (don't laugh at how I've done anything, I'm learning) but my issue is with the GAMEOVER text.

    At the start of the layout I make it invisible. Then, when the players lives reach 0 I make it visible so GAME OVER appears on the screen, wait 10 seconds, make it invisible and take the player back to the TITLE layout. When they click on play game (for the second time, first time around is OK) the GAME OVER is still in the middle of the screen! I've tried destroying it, making it invisible, moving it out of the screen area, nothing will shift it.

    Can anyone see where I'm going wrong?


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  • I finally fixed it.

    It stemmed from the fact you must have at least one of each object in the game on the layer at runtime. If you remove it and run the game an error occurs in which it states that this will be fixed in a future update. The sooner the better!

    When I was moving, destroying the object etc. it was working on the wrong one (not the one I created to use, the one that was forced to be placed on the layout in the design).


  • Thanks for the update. Good to know.

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