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  • Where is the preference file located?

    I seem to have messed up my Construct 2 interface and can't get the layers or object palettes to pop up anymore even by clicking the check box. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but I need to delete the settings file where ever it is. It would be convenient to have a "reset preferences" button down the road maybe. Thanks in advance.

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  • I agree - I think it would be good to have a button built-in rather than having to go into the registry to fix it.

  • Delete HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Scirra\Construct2 in the registry and it'll revert to fresh install settings. Any ideas what you did to end up with a broken UI?

  • At some point I remember my former wide screen died on me (24). I replaced it with a 19 CRT screen, and I did not have access to the animations window or the frames window.

    When my new wide screen arrived, I had it back. I figured it just went "in the wind" because of the resolution change (1920X1024 to 1024X780).

  • Yea to be honest it was a friend who was having this problem. He recently bought 2 new monitors. So maybe it was the same problem Kyatric had. Thanks for your help Ashley that reg edit fixed it though.

  • Thank you =) mine got weird when I had problem loading a file, telling me that certain objects didn't exist, even when they did. Played around in the event sheet .xml files and then I could only boot the program, but no UI was loaded

    This fix helped it, thank you

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