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  • Hello, so i made a code when the player press play, this sprite will grow in width in both sides

    Here it is the code

    But when the player come back from Game to Menu the play button won't work again.

    I tried to add a Reset Global Variables.I tried to reset the play to 0 , i opened in debug and it showed me that the play variable is 0 but the game still won't work

  • I don't see the "play to 0" part.

    Can you perhaps upload a capx of it not working?

  • I deleted those parts because it didn't worked, so i putted only the base code so you can tell me what and where should i put the conditions

  • There's either an event outside of what you're showing interfering with you being able to play.

    Or there's an object in the way of you being able to click it.

    The information you are giving here should just work in my eyes, that's why a capx would help identify the problem.

    It only goes to the game when your variable is 1, which it always should be when clicking on it.

    You don't need a condition of "play = 1"

    Try and see if it works if you disable that line with "D".

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  • Thanks, i managed to make it work(both the button and the animation)

    Here it is the code in case someone needs it

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