How do I rescale a game after exporting?

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  • Hey friends,

    I just wondered, if there is any possibility to rescale a complete game after export to HTML5.

    I just need that, to make it fit in these small resolutions some Arcade-sites offer.

    Rescaling the whole thing in C2 would be like making the game again...

    Any help on this? Would be great!



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  • You could probably add a Set Layout Scale action to all your layouts. Set the Layout Scale to LayoutWidth/WindowWidth or LayoutHeight/WindowHeight, which ever is the bigger difference. I'm pretty sure dividing layout size information by window size information should give you the proper scale to use.

    Let me know if that works for you and good luck with your project.

  • If you want EVERYTHING to rescale you can add the following to the event sheet that effects the levels in question:

    "On start of layout > Set layout scale to *number you want to scale the layout to* "

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