Requesting help with bullet gravity/speed.

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  • Hello everyone!

    This is my first time posting on “How do I..”, I’ll try my best to be as clear as possible with my question.

    I’m working hard on a kind of endless runner game where the main character basically goes with the wind. She has an umbrella so every time she opens it she goes up, and every time she closes it, she goes down, and that’s the basic mechanics for it.

    Every time the character reaches the top of the layout when going up, it will take a while for her to start going down, due to her current bullet speed, and it seems like she got stuck on the top of the screen for a while, and that is the problem cause it totally breaks the flow of the game. I already tried a bunch of different things, such as setting a certain Y where her bullet gravity goes back to normal, or setting an invisible wall that when she collides with it, her gravity goes down, but none seemed to work.

    This is a simple short video about the problem (sorry for the bad quality): ... 1.mp4?dl=0

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks a lot!

  • I'm not sure bullet behavior is the best to use to control your character. It may work in some situations but seems physics would work better.

    Is it getting stuck at the top because bullet behavior is still active? If you think about the bullet behavior a bullet object is always moving forward when active. So a bullet going into a solid would keep getting pushed into the solid, thus getting 'stuck'.

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  • Can you repost the link for the video please...the linked posted isn't working

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