Requesting Clarification on Mobile Tilt (Alpha, Beta, Gamma)

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  • Good day, C2izens!

    After reading up on the Touch controls a bit more and messing around with a test program, I'm still needing some clarification or affirmation on my understanding of the mobile tilt parameters of Touch.

    The game I'm working on doesn't require the use of Alpha, but in case comes into play and I am not aware of it, I'm bringing it into my inquiry here.

    So far, this is my present understanding of the three...

    ALPHA: Using the mobile motion sensors, it detects the compass facing direction or adjusts the output of the operating program based on the compass rotation of the phone. Is generally not affected by Beta or Gamma tilting of the phone (I may be wrong about that...).

    BETA: Front-to-back tilt of the phone on a horizontal axis.

    GAMMA: Left-to-right tilt of the phone assuming an axis running from the bottom-to-top of phone

    What I'm not sure about is if this XYZ axis is constant in its orientation even as the phone moves around.

    So, let's say I lay the phone flat on the table.

    If the very center of the phone is 0, then...

    X = Alpha = horizontal from left side of phone to right side

    Y = Gamma = like a spear from front face of phone to back side.

    Z = Beta = from top edge to bottom edge

    As the phone moves around, are these axes consistent in their orientation or do they remain fixed to the physical orientation of the phone (so that it would look like the 90* angles between each axes where they intersect are no longer 90*)?

    I HOPE that made sense. However you could help me to be sure I understand would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!

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  • Try it out with your phone with this capx.

    go to

    capx is here ... wn-compass

  • sizcoz - Well THAT explains a lot! I did totally misunderstand the Beta parameter.

    It's the left/right tilt of the phone as you're holding it straight up, facing you.

    I was assuming the phone was laying flat on a surface and that the Beta had to do with how you tilted the phone towards or away from you.

    Thank you for the help!

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