How do I request users mobile location permission

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  • Just finished my 1st game with admob video ads ready for playstore.

    So, my app only request from users the internet( one interesting thing there , in some mobiles use internet permission and in some other newest mobiles dont).

    Anw, when i set up my ad unit in admob , at settings there is an option "Use location data for ads" set by default to on.

    Select whether this app should utilize location data to target ads. Location data is available for users who have granted your app permission to access their location.

    On: User location data will be passed to the SDK and used to serve location-based ads to the user.

    Off: User location data won’t be passed to the SDK or used to serve location-based ads to the user, even if location data is available.

    So the real question here is , how i can request user location permission?

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