How do I get Request Fullscreen to work with a gamepad?

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  • Hi for some reason the request full screen isn't working when I use a gamepad it works perfect for the mouse, and I have it exactly the same as the mouse, Im using a trigger so I cant figure out why it isn't working, here is an image, any advice would be great thanks

  • Can you confirm in debug mode that your gamepad is connected and registering inputs?

    Are you using triggers as buttons? Sometimes those are treated as analog axes rather than buttons.

  • Hi oosyrag thanks for the reply, the little green arrow to the left of every action, represents a trigger and gamepad -> on any button clicked says its a trigger, Im not sure exactly what to look for in debug mode any help in that would be great, thanks again.

  • Basically I want to make sure your gamepad is actually connected and buttons are registering.

    In debug mode, on the bottom left look for the game pad object. Click it and you'll see a field that says "Last button" on the right. Now when you press buttons on your game pad, that should change. If it doesn't, that means your game pad is not sending any signals to the program, which would explain why on button pressed does not work.

    If it does change, then I'll have to think of another reason

    Edit: I meant trigger as in shoulder buttons on some game pads.

  • Oh yeah the game pad works perfectly I can play game with all gamepad functions, its just the browser doesn't go full screen like it does with the mouse,

    PS I checked what you said and all buttons had a ID number when I pressed them, Thanks again oosyrag

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  • I have no idea why the fullscreen isn't working then, sorry... maybe someone else can chime in.

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