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  • Hey guys, I am ShakeSpear, I have been trying to learn how to program for a while but due to personal difficulties I haven't had time yet. I am starting college in a little bit (This year) and I wanted to make a game before I did so.

    I found construct 2 and went through the beginner tutorial. I understood most of it but one thing that is not clear to me is, how do I make an iPhone game? Is there someone who could possibly make a tutorial (short of long) of a demo game which would be a shooting game. Not a FPS game but like a old school shooting game where the player is a ship that is shooting these monsters coming to it in space.

    The thing that is confusing me is, how do I make it so that the player moves and the background moves too. But since the game is for a 'touch' device in my case an iPhone 4S, how does it go? I think I can figure out the part where the player is controlled by touch and everything but how exactly would I be able to make a realistic background that is moving and the player that is being controlled at move at the same time.

    I am sorry if this is confusing and is in the wrong section... I am just trying my best to learn! :(

  • I'm working on sample capx. If you want to export the game to mobile, you're gonna need C2 Personal Edition(or Business).

  • Well exporting isn't even the main problem... The problem is that there is no follow through beginners tutorial for any touch devices. There are tips and they are useful but I want to follow through of an iPhone or an Android game that is a shooting game :(

    Thanks for replying though! :)

  • 1) Build shooting game which incorporates touch

    2) test etc

    3) export to android/ios (i've used both.)

    I have the personal edition of construct 2.

  • I know how to export and everything but my question is related to making the game. :/

    How does the 'Space Blaster' demo scroll automatically? There are four background images but I still don't understand how exactly its done. And at the start of the project there is a blue square labeled 'Scroll' I looked in the event tab for its purpose as I thought it was related to the auto-scrolling feature but had no luck! :(

    Someone make a video or explain the space blaster project please! :(

  • I think there already are some tutorials on the site about how to make a shooter...

    Maybe something like this?

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  • Yes a little bit of the same concept, but I want one that is for touch devices.

    Thanks a lot though!!

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