request for capx file with facebook score system

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  • Hi

    I have read the now outdated "How to publish your game to facebook" tutorial and searched forum but there was very poor instruction about how to publish your score to facebook. I'm not a programer and I haven't found any step by step tutorial about this. So if there is no tutorial about it could someone provide a capx file with this? Thanks in advance.

    I want to be able when the game ends(time of level ends or something) to:

    1.login in - this I was able to do

    2.take facebook user score from game to facebook score

    3.display hi-score board with user score and their facebook profile photo and his other friends.

  • or if it so problematic, maybe someone could explain me step by step how to display score from constuct on facebook after game is finished

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  • I understand that I ask too much. It's too difficult for users on this forum to do it ?

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