Report Bug that has no CAPX??

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  • According to the Bug Reporting rules my Report will be immediately ignored because there is no CAPX associated with my problem.

    Construct 2 crashes every time I close it. Doesn't matter if I loaded a project or not.

    I can save and close projects just fine.

    When I try to close C2 it locks up and Windows gives me two crash reports and it force closes.

    I'd like to submit a Report... should I just send a totally unrelated CAPX so I'm not auto-deleted?

  • Are you using the latest version Goblyn?

    It used to happen to me a lot but seems like its a lot better now if not fixed altogether.

  • I think so... I am using R139. The last version I had I think was R134 and I had no issues with that version. The release before that though I had the same issues I am having with R139.

    It seems to just be a time thing. If I open C2, do nothing, it closes fine right away. If I let it sit, even without working on a CAPX, it will crash on closing. Working on a CAPX it almost always crashes on closing.

    I can still save and everything seems to be OK. My apps still export just fine and I've had no issues beyond my own failures and mistakes as far as that goes. Its just while trying to close the main window it crashes.

  • Yeah I know what you mean. I guess it wouldn't hurt to tag Ashley so he has a better chance of seeing it.

  • I don't know what "tag Ashley" means...

    Sorry I am a graphics artist and After Effects user that accidentally got involved in a project way over my head...

    If it was not for the miracle of C2 I would be dead in the water! The last programming I did was COBOL back in 1993.

  • I think there is already an open bug thread with an issue that sounds the same.

    FWIW you can post bug reports without a .capx file if it's an editor issue (we are reasonable), it's just if your report could in any way at all be improved by adding a .capx file, you should. We get a lot of bug reports which we can't deal with because they are missing a .capx file and the description is not sufficient for us to do anything about the report, which is why we state it's required.

  • Thanks Ashley! The rules seemed fairly rigid so I wanted to ask before I did anything.

  • I've been having this problem, too. For a few versions now, I wanna say, but I run the betas, too, so...

    It actually throws TWO seemingly-identical error dialogs when I shut C2 down. No idea why. It doesn't seem to happen if I open C2 for just a short time and close it again. But if I leave it open for hours (and I do, a lot), it's 99.999999% likely to crash (seemingly twice).

    Wish I had more info to share (debug mode? hidden log file? happy to send whatever)

  • aerger - What kind of machine are you on (laptop? desktop?)?

    I am wondering if it has something to do with the fact my laptop has switching graphics card to save battery when a full card is not needed.

    Reading the crash pop ups it sort of seems its a Windows handling of C2 crash rather than an internal crash in C2.

  • Interesting, I read once (many versions ago) that Construct had issues with laptops going to sleep, I wonder if the graphic card switch is similar.

    Edit: Possibly scratch that, I can't find that thread anywhere. I thought it was Ashley saying it, but I can only find messages where his machine worked, and to try updating display drivers.

  • The requirement of updated video drivers and the fact that my laptop technically runs two different drivers (this one has an Intel HD 3000 for low power and ATI Radeon HD 6770 for performance) makes me think its related to the graphics switching in some way.

    The fact that the problem doesn't happen until after an amount of time sort of also points to the graphics card switch. After a time most laptops will go into some sort of power save mode which typically involves activating the low power GPU.

    Because Windows is throwing out two error messages and I have two graphics cards and because of the time delay required it seems like it might all be related in some way.

  • Is there any way to force it to lock to one card while using Construct2?

  • With the way I have it setup that's what it should be doing. I've tried to turn off the low power card but you can't get rid of it completely. Something about the ATI chip visualizes through the Intel chip or something. I'm not a big fan of the setup.

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  • I do most work on an i5 laptop with integrated Intel gfx (HD 3000?). So no card switching happening afaik.

    I don't tend to have problems if it's a short period with C2 open. But when I pull all-day or all-night sessions, it crashes (twice) pretty much every time. It has more of a mem leak feel to me, but who knows.

  • My low power GPU is i7 integrated HD 3000... interesting.

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