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  • hey guys,

    can you play this Scirra game for a second, and please tell me how to replicate the particle effects?

    game is at: ... hoot-em-up

    great effects, i played around with the particle plugin changing gravity and Angle randomiser and i couldnt even come close.

    there are 2 types that i love what the designer did: one when the enemy ship is hit (particles are generated, and drift in different directions), and the second is when the enemy ship is destroyed (a blast that goes off in a particular direction).

    any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

  • For the first one try one shot particles, and set the cone to 360.

    The other one also a one shot, with acceleration value and try to set the cone to 90.

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  • for the first one, i set the cone to 360 already....and there is the initial burst outwards in all directions; but in the link above after the initial burst the particles then "float" away almost as if there was a wind pushing them away.

    and for the second one, i can set the cone to 90, but how does the particle "fly off" in a direction with random "swirl"?

    any help is appreciated. thanks.

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