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  • so hi there ^^ a few days ago i found a cap file (so made in costruct classic) with the basics for an action game with combos,background effect,special attaccks ecc. ecc. now the problem is that it's not possibile to import the cap file on construct im basically asking you guys how to replicate the combo sistem of that cap file in costruct 2...i've been trying a lot but without success...(like 3 weeks of event coding but nothing D:)

    here you can download the cap file or the exe demo

    thank for your help ^^

    ps:tell me if you want a more detailed explanation of i want to do ^^

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  • Asking for someone to convert such a complicated .cap to C2 is a bit much really, don't you think. There is quite an amount of work involved.

    If there is some aspect of the CC event system that you need help converting to C2 syntax, then you will probably get a much better response.

  • XD sorry but i didn't explain really well what i want to do...i only want to be able to perform a combo like in that game...and beacuse of the fact that c2 cannot open cap files it's really hard to learn how to do it ....

    btw thanks for the reply ;)

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