Replacing Mouse with Touch

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  • As a newby, I am using the Physics Test example as a starting point and I tried replacing the mouse.x and mouse.y with touch.x and touch.y and exporting to a Windows 8 tablet.

    I added a touch object to the project and I removed the mouse events.

    The ragdoll does not repond to the touch events on the Windows 8 tablet.

    Any ideas about what I might be doing wrong?


  • You can always set a Touch object to use Mouse clicks, and then it operate exactly like a mouse except it doesn't separate left/right/scroll clicks and no mouseover effects.

    If you upload your .capx, we can tell you exactly what's wrong.

  • I tried uploading to the arcade, but it would not accept the ZIP file. I tried zipping up a project folder and a .capx file and it would not accept either.

    All I am doing is replacing the mouse event in the sample project called "Physics - ragdoll.capx" with a touch event as follows:

    Touch-> On Touch Start -> Apply Physics Force 50 toward X: Touch.X, Y: Touch.Y

    Thanks for responding.

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  • Hi Semicode!

    Did you managed to solved your problem with the Touch input?

    Thanks :)

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