How do I replace a Sprite with a Tile?

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  • Hi there, new to the forums. I made a random dungeon generator but am having problems turning it into a tilemap. I'm trying to get my 16x16 sprites to be replaced with a tilemap on the end of my algorithm. I try to do "For Each Sprite > set Tile (Sprite.X, Sprite.Y)" but it just replaces every single tile with it. I also tried Set Tile Range but that doesn't work either.

    Here's what it looks like with a random generation. For reference, every one of those black squares is a 16x16 Sprite that I want to turn into a tile then Destroy Sprite. (for simplicity and performance). I made sure to make everything divisible by 16 so the tiles would be perfect.


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  • Check the manual, tile position and on-screen position are not the same

    For ex, a sprite at 10,10 corresponds to a tile in position 160,160 (10 * 16)

  • 7Soul

    Thanks, that worked.

    I haven't read the manual yet (learned most of the stuff on my own) but will read it now.

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