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  • Hi!

    I just created a sprite strip and imported it to Construct 2, then made all the animations and their animation frames correct. Now I realize I need to fix some things in Photoshop. Is there a way to update the animation strip in Construct, without losing all the work? I tried to use the "reload files from disk" setting but that somehow changed my animation in a weird way..

    I guess my actual question is: how do I properly use the "reload files from disk" -function when I have created animations from an animation strip? What Windows folder should I save my updated file to?

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  • I once asked that to the devs and they said you can't use "reload files from disk" when importing sprite strips because C2 doesn't save the settings of how you imported them or the file location.

    It only works if you save the file directly on the project folder (save game as project, and not as a single file to do this). So you can find the folder "YourGame\Animations\ObjectName\AnimationName" and put the sprites directly there (not the sprite strip though, I mean individual sprites)

    And yes, it's a very annoying limitation u.u

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