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  • Hi there,

    Currently, my game has too many object at a moment (should be around 300-500 objects). Unfortunately, all of them have 2 sine behaviours: one for horizontal and one for vertical. As a result, it makes my game really slow on some old devices. I tried everything to get the maximum performance as I can, but it still can not run on some old Android phones with single 1 ghz cpu. Sadly, it can run on the Blackberry Z10 as well, which I have never imagine.

    Is there any way to replace the sine behaviour of an object but still keep the same affect?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • detno29 did you find a workaround? I'm seeing this issue with sine too.


  • I noticed in the debugger that Sine shows a lot of decimals, about 10 decimals.

    is there a way to use only 1 or 2 decimals, thinking that that will be less CPU taxing?


    TL;DR: Is there a "Light Sine"?

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