How do I replace one object with another?

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  • Hey all. Is there a quick and easy way to replace one object with another in the event sheet? Alternately, can you set the event sheet to only view events pertaining to one particular object?

    I have two cloned sprite objects, identical in graphics but serving different purposes with different codes attached. Both have many animations enclosed. Recently I decided to do a complete overhaul of the graphics, but while replacing the sprites of one object is simple enough, given the amount of animations I'd have to contend with, it would probably be easier to clone the first sprite (again) instead of doing the same for the second sprite. Some game making program I used a while back, possibly CC or MMF, had a feature where you could tell it to completely replace an object with another in the event system. Similarly, you could also view events only pertaining to a certain object, making manual replacements easier. Does C2 have anything like either of these features?

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  • Click the events tab at the very top (File, Home, View, Events <- this one)

    Then in the search, enter your object's name. All events associated with that name will be shown in the event sheet. To reset, just make sure that search field is empty and hit return.

    To replace an object, right click the object name in the event sheet, then "replace object" in the popup menu.

  • Sweet. Thanks for the help.

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