How do I Replace an Object with an Edited Version

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  • I have edited the shape and color of a C2 object in my graphics editor, how do i replace the 'old version' of the object with the 'edited version' without having to just delete it, add the new one and then have to redo all of the events associated with that object?

    Thanks for any assistance.

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  • Can you make frames or animation? or perhaps use blend modes to put the "edited version" inside the old version?

    if you can give me more details i could help you.

  • Hey Wisdoms thanks for the reply.

    I edited some blocks i am using for certain pieces of my ground in my editor. Right now in my layout they are a brighter "dirt" color with same wavy lines. I'd like to replace those with the edited ones. Now they are a darker red with a cracked sidewalk appearance.

    I have some events that involve the "brighter dirt" colored ones. If i delete the 1st version i have to go back and redo all of those events. Is there a way i can replace the 1st version with the edited version w/o having to go back through all of the events involved.

  • There is indeed!

    If you are simply replacing the graphics, you can double click the sprite and load the graphics in.

    If you created a new sprite that has a different name and you want to replace the other sprite with the new one and the old one has events associated with it then do the following:

    1. Back up your project.

    2. Go to your event sheet(s) and search for events using the name of the sprite you want to replace.

    3. Highlight all events that are returned and right click them

    4. Select replace object. Choose the object you want to replace and then choose the object that is replacing it.

    You need to make sure the new sprite is exactly the same as the old one. This means it has to have all of the same variable names, behaviors, applied effects, and so on. Construct will only allow you to replace objects if they are identical (besides graphics and collision polygon... but you would need the same number and names of image points too (I think)).

    Anyway, best of luck! I hope that helps.

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