How can i replace characters with different versions of them

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  • I would like to give players the opportunity to choose different (non random) characters for my game. How can i do that without making separate events for each character?

    For example i would like to have different costumes for my main character and his opponents.

    I would appreciate any tips and ideas.

  • Many ways to do this..

    For example you could put all the characters as animations in one sprite

    You could seperate the parts and combine them inside a container and pin them..

    using families would also be an option if you have the paid version, that way you could use the family for events

    You should probably separate your animations from your movement, using a base sprite for that..

    that way only the collision events would use the animations..

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  • Thank you for your response LittleStain !

    I have the paid version including families. Could you please post an Capx example? Because i am not quite sure that i did understand how its done.

  • Maybe someone can post an example capx..

    I dom't have the time to spend on that..

    Just create seperate character sprites and add them to a family..

    In the events use family instead of player..

    It won't matter which member of the family the player chooses..

    All events will reference the right character (because it's the only one in the layout)

  • No worries LittleStain.. and thanx for your answers.

    I will try to do what you suggested and post back here my results.

  • I used a family instead of the player in the events and it worked like a charm!!! Now i know how to use the families.

    However how can I do the same thing with the families, when I want to spawn different (non random) versions of the enemies (with different skins) without making separate events for them?

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