How do I repeat the same level with random changes?

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  • The best example I can give is Flappy Bird. You know how the same thing constantly repeats but the pipes change size etc.? How would you do this in Construct? I'm not planning on creating a Flappy Bird clone or whatever, god knows there's enough of them, I was just wondering if it was possible in Construct 2 (I'm sure it is) and how I would go about it? Thanks everyone!

  • Did you see the flapping bird template? Start a new project. In the window that opens up type flap in the search field.

  • Thank you! I knew there would be something like that! I just didn't know where to look! Many thanks!

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  • There are also other things you can do, for example in one of my games I have randomized background items (Trees, bushes, clouds, etc...) and this system can easily be expanded to enemies or any type of object. The trick is to use Families, or even a loop using the choose(1,2,3,4,5) type statement. For example in my endless flyer, I have 7 different types of hazards. So first I have a variable called hazardType, I set it to hazardType = choose(1,2,3,4,5,6,7) I then have another condition that says if hazardType = 1 > Spawn blahblah, if hazardType = 2 > Spawn otherthing, etc.... you could also use families or functions to simplify this even more....

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