How do I render only part of the screen?

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  • For example lets say my project window size was 1280 x 720.

    I want a chat box of dimensions 640x720 placed on the right side of my window.

    This goes on a different layer and acts as part of the ui. Non scrolling ect.ect.

    My first issue was that my camera was no longer centered on my object.

    I fixed that by creating an image point at an offset and centering the camera on that.

    Now my issue is that I'm wasting power rendering under the chat box. Is there a better way to do this?

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  • Anyone?

    I'll try a simpler explanation.

    Half my game screen is covered with a chat box for the entire game.

    It makes no sense to render the game under the chat box.

    The chat box cannot be hidden and essential to the gameplay.

    Is there a way to place the element outside of my window space?

    Possible other solutions:

    Create a chat box via html. I assume there's a way to place an external element on the same page of the game and have them communicate but i'm not sure where to start.

    If that is possible i'll just have the game export the update to a file and the webpage read from the file, filling in the chat box. If that's a thing, idk.

  • no, no, no. No external elements.

    here's your solution - if you have a window / layout size - first what you have to add is your chatbox. Once done add the rest of the game on the rest of the space that you have in your window /layout size. then make event that will keep chatbox always there where you need it, with setting x and y. If you use layers only the top items are rendered, so i think that you're not really rendering your game under your chatbox unless it's transparent.

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