How do I rename a Group (of events)?

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  • It is easy to create a new Group, however if I want to change its title thereafter, I don't know how to proceed. Right now I need to create a new Group, drag it on top inside the Group I want to rename and make the content a child of him in the tree, and then drag it again (with everything following) outside of the Group I no more want (then delete that old Group). It would be much faster if there was simply an option to rename it. Often, I create a new Group without a description, and then I want to add one or edit it. This is easy, but it augments the risk of a bad manipulation in the process.

  • Right click group -> Edit


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  • I feel stupid, but I obviously tried that and nothing at all happened. I had problems with my mouse since a few days, I changed it and now it seems to always work fine. What is strange, though, is that the right click was faulty only on Groups (events); it triggered correctly on other parts of the code as well as in other applications, and was occasionally not working only on Groups. Well

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