Removing easing on Pathfinding objects

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  • Hello

    I have an object that moves to an area that I click on

    When it moves, it starts off slow, and slows down when it gets closer... this is hard to match to a sprite.

    Can I make it so that it moves at a constant speed, without the easing?


  • Have you tried setting the acceleration and deceleration values to very high values?

  • Even at 99999 there is still easing, it looks strange

    There's nothing I can find that removes it completely, people don't walk and stop quickly with easing, so my sprite looks very odd

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  • Phill, I made a sample capx to play around with the easing issue, and too me it appears that having a high acceleration and deceleration on the pathfinding behavior gets rid of any visible easing effect. I had to slow the timescale of the game waaaaay down to see the easing effect when I set the acceleration and decelerations to 99999.

    If you download my sample, and look at the second enemy (Enemy2) you should see its speed jump from 0 to 200, and then come to an immediate stop at the end.

    You can use the "Time Scale Factor" slider to adjust the game's time scale. Drag it down towards 0% for "slo-mo". If you drag it ALL the way down, you can barely see the speed on Enemy2 increase up to 200.

    Take a look and let me know if that helps.

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