How do I To remove the VERTICAL LINE??

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    I added a new version based in Cocoonjs to be more fluent to my game, but i have a problem that i cannot resolve:

    There appears vertical lines:

    (Is a tiled background)

    Any idea how can i remove it?

    Can i remove "powered by ludei"?



    He añadido una versión nueva a mi juego basada en Cocoonjs para más fluidez. Pero tengo un problema que no consigo resolver:

    Me aparecen líneas verticales:

    (es un tiled background, que se va agrandando hacia la derecha a medida que se acerca)

    Alguna idea de como quitarlas?

    Se puede quitar lo de "powered by ludei"?

  • Without seeing your capx and or your eventsheet it's very hard to determine if this line comes from bad rendering or an issue with the programming..

    Do the lines appear at the sides of the tiled background or also in the middle?

  • The tiled background in moving to the left all the time.

    Any idea?

    It works fine on crosswalk and web, but not with Cocoonjs

  • Set Pixel Rounding to on.

    Problem Fixed

  • Thank u very much!!

    I gonna do it!

    Anyway do u know if can i remove "powered by ludei"?

  • Set Pixel Rounding to on.

    Problem Fixed

    It still not working well.

    The line still there

  • Try to set x to self.x+(self.width/2)-1

  • It looks like you have either resized the image in the editor, which will cause artifacts like this in seamless images because of the sizing algorithms used by the editor, or you might have pressed the auto-crop button, which will add a 1 pixel border around an image that previously filled the image. It could also be a positioning error, with the two images overlapped or gapped slightly because they were placed with snap to grid turned off...

  • Hello! Thanks for answers!

    MadSpy : it can not work becose i am resizing the image (tiled) making it longer, im not creating another image.

    Colludium: I drew the image in Photoshop with the same size to avoid resize it again.

    Where is the auto-crop button?

    Anyway i've seen that works perfectly with croswalk (Well, not perfectly becose is F... slow is you havent WebGl on your movile), so... I don´t know... Maybe it has not a solution...

    Thank you all!

  • Lástima que no funciona. de nada.

  • Hi Guys,

    I have the same problem, i have a horizontal line between my tiled background.

    I could have fix it using the point sampling but for some quality reason, i need to keep linear sampling.

    It could also be a positioning error, with the two images overlapped or gapped slightly because they were placed with snap to grid turned off...

    I am using snap to grid in order to position everything and this is what i get :

    And with just a repositionning of 1 px, i fix the problem :

    So here's my question, is it a problem with the snap to grid or there is something with my images ?

    Edit: I found that on every tiled background, i have a vertical line at the top of it (you can see it all along my grass and my picks) so i don't think it is a problem a positionning.. Do you guys have an idea ?

  • Momo in the project properties there's an option called Pixel Rounding that could be turned on, which should solve the first issue.

    As for the second issue, go into the sprite of your peaks there and click on the crop tool in the image editor. That will add a 1px transparent border around your image which will eliminate the 1px line.

  • ryanrybot Thanks ! It worked

  • Creo que lo ultimo que te falta probar es que la imagen tiene que ser un numero elevado al cuadrado.


    16x16 pixels

    32x32 pixels





    etc x etc

    es un requisito indispensable para una imagen TILEABLE. osea mosaico. que se repite y se repite.

    Espero te haya servido de ayuda.

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  • I have the same problem. But it only appears when i export to cocoonjs. With cordova it doesnt appear

    Is a tiled background. Tiled is moving all the time to the left.

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