How do I remove the tracking in c2runtime.js?

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  • There is a popup that asks if I want to allow my game to allow me to track myself. It looks something like this:


    Except it says something along the lines of: "Do you want to let this website track you?" Allow / Allow Once / Disallow

    I always hit Disallow, but I would prefer that it not ask my users at all.

    How do I go about disabling this?

    I am assuming that it probably has an AJAX call back to a Scirra server, so I could probably just look for AJAX/GET/PUT code specifically, but it would be easier if I have some idea of where to look in c2runtime.js.

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  • AFAIK Construct 2 itself should never bring up that prompt. I think it is caused by either the server, a third-party plugin, a browser addon, or some adware/crapware on your computer that is trying to take over.

  • Hm, okay, I do have Adblock Plus, Firebug, Flash player, and a Java plugin. I'll experiment on raw browsers and see.

    The server itself is running a locked down version of Apache which proxies the requests back to Java servlets running on a Linux Tomcat stack. I'll dig through my server side code, but I still don't know what else would cause that popup.

  • Okay after testing on a raw Opera 32-bit and WaterFox browser, it seems that the culprit is one of the plugins on my usual browser.

    Thanks for clarifying this, Ashley.

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