How do I remove tilemap object from other layouts

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  • I created a tilemap on the first layout and duplicated that entire layout for a second level. I want to be able to change the tilemap for the second layout but I don't know how to remove it (if I delete it it removes it from layout ) from ONLY that layout leaving layout 1 intact.

  • Not exactly clear in what you want to do.

    In the properties of the Tilemap Object (left side of window) is the 'Image/Edit' option that you can use to load a new image for the Tilemap.

    Use the Tilemap option 'Import TMX' if that's what you are after.

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  • Thanks for following up. I can't post a capx until I get a little more rep but for now, let me try and explain a little better. When duplicating the entire layout 1, the layout 1 tilemap ( and only tilemap at this stage) exists on layout2. I want to simply delete/remove the tilemap from the layout without affecting layout1. When I delete the timemap object from layout 2 however, it completely deletes it from the object list breaking layout1.

    I tried building layout2 from scratch but I cannot get the game resolution to look identical to layout1 for reasons unknown to me. This forced me to try and create the second layout using the 'Duplicate' tool.

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