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  • Hi,

    I'm new to construct2 and I wonder how I can remove a tile the player has passed.

    To get it clearer. I have a top down game where the player can move on a platform. There are a few tiles on this Platform that will break once the player has moved over them. So I need to set a special status of the tile (Instance vars?) if its breakeable or not and need to find out on which tile the player has moved (the tile should break AFTER the player has moved over it. So I need to play the "break" animation and after that I need to destroy it. How can I do that?!



  • Yes, instance variables.

    When the player has a collision with the tile, have the tile change a variable so the you know it had a collision.

    You would then compare that variable as a Boolean, and if the check that it had a collision was true, and the player is not overlapping it, do your actions to remove the tile.

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  • Thanks a lot, this works like a charm! :-)

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