Remove solid behavior from 8 direction?

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  • My old post can be deleted...

    This is getting in the way, is there any way to disable this? If not could it be made into a toggleable option?

  • Your question doesn't seem to make much sense - you don't need to use the Solid behavior on the same object as the 8 direction behavior.

  • Sounds like he wants to make it so that an object with the 8 direction movement behavior doesn't collide with other objects.

    If that's true, (because you want other objects to be able to just not the player. Perhaps you can simply put the player on a different layers than the other objects?

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  • Sorry I should have said more, When you put an 8 direction behavior on an object it automatically makes it solid. This object is the hitbox for my player and controls how he moves but I dont want it to determine how close to objects he can get, I want to add a smaller box for his feet because my perspective is a bit like pokemon, so I want his feet to collide with objects on the ground, not his head if that makes sense. i have tried different layers and that didnt seem to change anything.

  • try this custom 8 direction can just set angle instead anglelerp if you don't need smoot transition...attach feet and set speed to zero if there is collision...

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