How do I remove the smart phone lag from a physics game?

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  • Hi, I have created an angry-birds-like game recently using PHYSICS and it runs fine when testing on the computer and tablet, but when I test it using a fast Android 7 Moto G+ smart phone then the game is very clearly lagging and is not smooth running even on the most simple 1st level.

    The game itself is not super complex and has minimal elements, for example there is only 1 box type and nothing crazy is happening physics-wise - just basic collision only during release. But it lags even during the camera span when only minor physics are happening.

    Here is the link to the game if you want to test play / verify the lagginess:

    My other non-physics games do not lag at all on that same smart phone.

    So as the title says "How do I remove the smart phone lag from a physics game?"

    or do all C2 physics games lag?

    Thanks in advance

  • There are two built-in Physics engines in C2 - Box2D Asm and Box2D Web, have you tried both?

    Also, you can try using Chipmunk, it might work faster:

  • thank you drop2000, I didn't even know there are a bunch of engines, i just used Events with whatever was the default setting, so i will give it a shot and see if something is different

    otherwise does each engine have it's own strength in some area? I mean how do you select an engine for your project?

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  • I think Box2D Asm and Box2D Web are pretty much the same. And Chipmunk is pretty much completely different

    It has its own advantages and disadvantages, I'm sure you can find all information in this thread:

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