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  • Hello guys!

    I have created THIS example. Like a summary i have...

    • Road (solid sprite)
    • Camera (Bullet + Scroll To)
    • Player (Bullet + Platform)
    • 2 traps.

    Platform have maxspeed, acceleration and deceleration to 0.

    All the bullets have speed 400.

    Every time you touch the trap, the layout is restarting.

    I wanted to create a platform mobile game, that can only jump. That's why the platform have mspeed, acc & dec = 0. The bullet behavior make the player never stop.

    The camera is a little bit to the right, so the player can see what's coming.

    My problem is:

    After i create the .apk with Intel XDK, when i play the game, i have some short freezes when the traps appear. Sometimes, the freezes can stay 1 second.

    When i test it on wifi, the game moves 2 times better.

    Could someone help me? I don't understand why it's moving like this. I mean, it's a simple example, with 5-6 objects. My phone is Samsung S4 mini, but i tested the apk on many others, and the same results. Or maybe some export tricks? I really appreciate, thank you!

  • Hey rolly, is this example you posted the one that freezes? Or is it in a bigger version of this? If the freezing happens when you create traps then you might be accidentally spawning too many but that is just a guess.

  • Hey GenkiGenga, thank you for the reply! This is the small example that freezes. The big example have the same freezes like the one i've uploaded. What i mean is, no matter how many traps i have, the apk moves exactly the same. Is the bullet behavior the problem?

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  • Recently, i created a FPS-Text, and i think that's the problem. When freezes appears, the FPS drop from 60 to 50-55.

    I tested the example on a Samsung Tab 3, and my fps goes to 10 (lol).

    I forget to add.. I tested on Firefox browser. Maybe this helps someone figure out.

    What is the problem? Am i doing something wrong? The example is very simple, so it should work very well. Should i post this into the Bugs Section? Please, i am stuck!

  • If the example you posted is the one freezing then I would make sure all devices are up to date with browsers, launch the game with chrome (just the web version) and if that version works as expected (which it should) then you know to look into the APK for problems. Maybe others are having similar issues? It's been a little while since I last looked into it. ... leshooting

    Sorry mate I know it is frustrating. hope you get it solved soon.

  • After some tests, i am pretty sure that the FPS is the main problem. When the fps goes from 60 to 55-58, the freeze appear.

    Is there any way to make the FPS stay to 55? or, a bit lower than 60? Or.. does anyone know the fix of this kind of problem? I would appreciate any kind of help! :(

  • hello rollyzz, i'm sorry i can't give you some advice for your the endless runner game. we have same problem, i have gave that "freeze" topics and i not yet get the answer. i have said the auto runner capx (was in new menu -> auto runner template) that make some "freeze" too. in capx.. just 3 object, like block, player, background. i mean those aren't have many animation.. but if i run the layout and play it.. the block is look like 'freeze' for 0.001 second then run again, and freeze again. that is noise for me. my game isn't look professional because that 'freeze'. i thought because bullet behaviour the endless runner game taken that noise. i was maked alternatif code but freeze still on there. we hope any solution here..

  • maybe you can setting this to make your endless runner game less 'freeze' :

    you go to your project and set this point :

    downscaling : low quality

    use high DPI-display : yes

    fullscreen scaling : low quality

    the weakness is your graphics look like 'pixels' game. but less 'freeze'.

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