How do I Remove a persistent instance from a previous layout

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  • Ok this might sound complicated but hopefully makes sense:

    My idea / setup is:

    • I have an area at the bottom of the screen with a drag and drop character
    • I have 3 areas that I want to drag a character out too
    • I made the character persistent so that if I leave a layout, the character stays in that layout when I later return to it

    My issue is:

    I am able to drag him out and have him stay put with the code I'm using right now,

    however to bring him back to the bottom area (for dragging out somewhere else later) I click a placeholder and he returns (whatever layout i'm in) BUT here's where it goes wrong...

    Say i'm (in this example) in Green Place, I drag my character out and position him anywhere in that layout... Then click and go to Blue Place, he's not there - which is what i want, and when I click the placeholder he pops back to the bottom area in that layout - which is also what i want, however If i then drag him out to Blue Place and go back to Green place, he is out twice in whatever positions i put him in..

    I'll add the code to hopefully show what I'm trying to do:

    'PutAway' is the bottom area / menu.

    As you can see in here i've got most of it working thanks to the characters id 0 or 1 and i feel like i'm one or two tweaks away from having it exactly how i want, just missing that final peace! any help would be appreciated!

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  • I can also share the project file if it helps: ... .capx?dl=0

  • Hopefully someone sees this *fingers crossed*

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