How do I remove the overlay of events and sound when repeatedly clicked?

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  • Hello everyone, in General I have such a problem, I have THREE objects in the game: a button to take a call, reject a call and a person who allegedly will "respond" to calls see screenshot 1. And the problem is that in the project, you can press the button several times and the sound and animation will overlap, and I do not need this, BUT I NEED that until one "reaction" is OVER, ANOTHER one does not start, or the same "reaction".Watch the events that I got: btnunvz-reject the call, btnvz-take the call see screenshot 2. And yet, when one reaction occurs, for example, with the btnvz button-the take button, you can press another button and all the events and sound will also be superimposed on the events with take.


    All events to the vz and unvz buttons are located in the event sheet called evshpred1

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  • You can make use of conditions on the left 'audio is not playing', or audio is playing inverted (right click to invert). Then the click action does not happen until the previous audio has stopped.

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