Remove object from family after created

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  • Hello C2-ers...(?) :P

    So in my project I'm currently doing the following...

    Every x seconds

    Create random object from family x

    Random object is then either destroyed by colliding with the player object, or is destroyed offscreen

    For the life of me, I can't figure out how to only create a single instance of each object from the family. Once each object is created/destroyed once, the round needs to end.

    Any help would be immensely appreciated!



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  • You can't modify families ingame.

    Simplest option would be putting all sprite objects into one sprite (each sprite having its own frame - or if it is animated: animations) and add something like this:

    If that is not possible (because of the sprites having different behaviors that would collide with each other), you probably need many subevents, 1 for each object to be created.

  • Try creating each object manually (don't think there's an easy way to make one of each family member). Any object can be destroyed with the handy Destroy action, then you can end the game by checking System -> FamilyName.Count.

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