Remove object entirely from project?

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  • How do you remove installed plug ins, for example when you go to Insert New Object and you click on facebook ? I wish to restore it before it was clicked.

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  • If you mean normal objects. Go to the "Projects/layouts" bar. Not the bar with the sprites for just that layout, the big one for all the objects and layouts on in the whole game. Find your object there, right click it and press "Delete". Hope this works.

  • No I mean, when you right click on the background in layout page, you get Insert New Object, and there is few there like facebook and browser there and I wanted to try them out, but now I need to get rid of them for arcade.

  • Those plugins being in the list doesn't mean they're in your game. If you added them to your project, you can remove them from the objects list like you would normal objects, like omgitburns said.

    Otherwise, if you want to 'uninstall' a plugin for whatever reason, go to

    C:>Program Files>Construct2>exporters>html5>plugins

  • I haven't actually used the plugins for any of the objects at all.. and I found out from Tom that I have to remove the plugins to put my game up in arcade, So yeah.

    But I went to that directory, If I remove the plug in it gives me an error next time I launch it.

    (Are you able to resubmit without the Facebook/webbrowser plugins?


  • You don't need to remove installed plugins to use the arcade. Just make sure they aren't part of your exported project. That would be insane otherwise :)

    If you have a plugin, such as Facebook, showing like below, then just delete it.

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • Ok thank you for the help.

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