How do I Remove Lag from Multiplayer Pong Game

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  • I can't seem to get the LAN multiplayer pong lag to chill. Any suggestions?

  • There is an built in 80 ms interpolation delay for synced objects. This is to mitigate negative effects of latancy across a network. It should mostly be transparent to each player as long as you're not looking at both screens at the same time.

    As for suggestions... what is your goal? If you want 0 delay, then make a local multiplayer game. Latency is not something you can make go away.

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  • Hmm. How about this, since I am terrible at explaining things, I can give you the capx to the game, and maybe you can fix it? I don't know how to explain this, I just want it to be that the peer doesn't lag in my pong game. The host is perfect but the peer is all jittery.

  • It sounds to me like you're missing local input prediction, which is not specifically covered in the pong tutorial, but it is implemented to a degree. You simply need to locally set the position of the peer's paddle to the correct location on the peer side, so sync only corrects the paddle if there is a discrepancy (the jitter).

    If you rely only on the sync action to position your paddle, it will not look smooth. Local input prediction is described more in depth in the fourth multiplayer tutorial.

  • I have

    System Everytick

    Paddle: Set Y to mouse.Y

    Paddle: Set Y to Multiplayer.PeerState(PaddleR.PeerID,"y")

    So should I put the name of the room (game) after "set T to Mouse.Y(game)<<<<<< to fix it?

  • Looky, I'll give you the Capx with add the plugins and exports, and when the game "blows" I'll share add rev with you. I have no one to partner to help me, oh sob, oh sigh. I've been working on this pong game forever!!!! Won't you be my partner please? I feel like with your help, this could become the best Pong game on the market EVER. You are an expert after all. Pleeeeease.

  • This pong game is very special. I promise, with the right implementations, it will be a hit. I'll try to give you anything you want, I just need a partner for once!!! No one wants to partner with me seemingly because they think, "Dude, it's just a pong game". Please partner with me?

  • It's already on the market (Google Play) but the multiplayer is horrid. It's called Super Glow Pong (Multiplayer)

  • I don't mind looking, but I can promise nothing ahead of time regarding if I can actually get it working or not...

  • Okay, fair enough. email me at greedlessgames at gmail dot com. I will send you all the necessary files.

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