How do I remove flickering lines on movement w/ Point sampl.

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  • I have a pixely game, based on physics movement - its a car game. The car is pushed by Physic's force and moves around okay. I really need point sampling, as without it the pixely graphics look s**t; but there seems to be flickering lines, as if updating only happens over time, which puts quite a strain onto one's eyes.

    Please help; is there a way to minimize/remove this?

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  • Enabling pixel rounding just makes it seem like it's horribly laggy.

  • As a better indication of what I mean, here's a video


    Notice the black lines going back and forth as if the renderer had trouble updating all of them at once.

  • My wild guess:

    I guess your game has a very low resolution, like 320*200. The monitor/display you are using has full HD or higher. With pixel rounding the pixels jumping for example from the original x-position 100 to 101, but HD has a 6 times higher resolution. So on your display the pixel is not jumping 1 pixel but 6 pixels and this is notable.

    You could try to put scan lines over the layer or some kind of scaling filter, but shaders can use a lot of fill rate and make your game unplayable on mobil.

  • The resolution is 16:9 1280x720; yet the sprite itself is quite small, only 78x177.

    Also, pixel rounding is disabled on the video I provided.

    I am not planning to run on mobile, only NWjs (the game is rather large) thus I need a solution regardless of mobile performance (thnx for warning tho). I will try a scaling filter

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